A highly detailed and multi layered topographic database to locate and map out key geographic features. This product group includes: Buildings, 2D, Land Use, Transportation, Retail, Road and Trees.

UKMap is currently available for London and provides users with a flexible choice of integrated map layers within a single geographic information source.

Based on 1:1,000 scale topographic mapping, UKMap accurately locates buildings, garages, property boundaries, roads, trees and a multitude of other features.

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UKMap is made up of the Topo product suite, comprising of eight map layers:

  • Base           1:1000 scale topographic map
  • Overlay      1:1000 scale vector map of overlapping topographic features (eg trees, powerlines)
  • Points
  • Addresses
  • Height
  • Points of Interest
  • Ortho
  • Terrain     (5m DTM)


  • Simple and flexible licensing
  • Rights to retain and share derived data reducing investment costs
  • Cost Savings for data layers you would normally pay extra for (eg addresses, BLPUs, aerial imagery, land use, etc)
  • Delivered in standard formats negating additional software costs

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